Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

This is my attempt to start catching up on this blog. haha. i have SOOOO many pics that i need to put on here since i've barely blogged since alana was born & now she's 19 months old. so, here are some pics from today...we took a bunch more pics but since we still haven't really learned how to use our "new" camera (that we got when i was pregnant w/alana) since we haven't taken advantage of the free camera classes that came with the camera...a lot of the pics we take come out blurry. so, this'll have to do for now. enjoy!!!

Happy Easter everyone!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

over a month late...

so, i've been meaning to update this ol' blog for a while now. i've been jotting down alana's milestones and cute stuff she's doing for months now, so here i go getting it on here.

okay, i'll start with her stats from her 1 year dr. appt...she's 29 1/4 in. tall & almost 16 lbs. yes, i know...she's a little one. but, this last month she's been eating really good and her clothes are fitting tighter so i bet that she's closer to 17 lbs. now., i know i'm gonna forget some of the words she says, but here are a few off the top of my head: mama, dada, nana (banana), mema (for nema/derek's mom), papa, sissy (sounds more like yissy), jojo (our friends daughter's nickname), bird (she loves to look at the birds while we're eating outside at chipotle), mum mum (little baby snacks), ball, shoe (after i get her dressed, she looks at her closet and says "shoe", sounds more like you), dog, bubba (her dog's name), down (when she wants down....or up), bite (when she wants a bite of something we're eating), bubble, milk (as she points to my chest ;), bye, kaia & leia. oh, and cheeto (her favorite junk food...hey, we only give her the baked ones!) VIDEO coming soon.

some other stuff alana can do is dance. she LOVES to dance, ANY kind of tune she hears, she stops everything and shakes her little hips...even when the printer is printing, she finds a nice little beat to that too. haha. she knows a little sign language...she can sign "more", "please" & "done". she will give real kisses if you ask her (if she's in the mood) and she'll blow kisses, she loves to clap & wave hi & bye, she loves to stack blocks up & do that little "ah ah ah"/indian thing where she claps her mouth (does that make sense?), points to her eyes, nose, mouth, ear (sometimes), hands, feet, teeth if i ask where they are, she LOVES to go to the park and swing, she also loves taking baths SO much that when she hears the water filling up in the tub she excitedly chants "bath bath bath" & i started taking alana to a fun place called Little Gym...she loves all the stuff to play on there but her favorite is when they blow bubbles at the end of the class. oh, and 1 more adorable thing... she loves is story time i take her to once a week...she's starting to learn the hand motions to the songs. her favorite song is "Oh Mr. Sun"...she'll hold her hands over her head to symbolize a sun and point when the song says "all the little children are asking you, please come out so we can play w/you" and she really likes "5 little monkey's jumping on the bed", she always points to her head when it says, "1 fell off & bumped his head".

anyways, that's all for now...i know there's more, but i'm beyond tired and delirious. i have a few videos to, check back soon!